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For Candidates

Getting tired of being head-hunted for jobs you don’t want to pursue? We understand, that’s why we let you tell us when you are interested to make a change, and what path of growth you desire. Connect with us and get access to industry trends, career counseling and job scouting insights.

Changing your career or industry it can be very difficult and challenging, it can reset your experience down to zero. We have a better way, so you can put in value your skills and knowledge through our career accelerator program. If you are a hero, don’t start from zero. 

Tech Recruiter Academy II, at its second edition in 2022, after a successful program in the previous year, we proved that it is possible to follow your passion to work with people and support them in their careers. Enroll in the program even if you never had a job, or never worked in the industry before, the key is passion, we do the rest.


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