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For Companies

We support our partners with permanent placement and head-hunting services for immediate talent gaps. With the support of our ACSS (Automated Candidate Solution Services) we know we can do it faster. Our industry experts consultants proved we can do it better also.

Temporary talent shortage? Choose our outsourcing solutions and take away the hassle of recruiting, hiring and payroll, while getting the benefit of having your work done. We can support talent gaps starting from 6 months, 9 months, 12 months or more.

Prefer having in-house support? Get an expert onboard, and have one of our consultants join your talent acquisition team, he/she will exclusively support your hiring needs using the knowledge, insights and tools already available at TWL.

Planning to build a new department or launch a startup, this is were we strive and shine the best. Book a call and lets create the hiring plan together, its easier, faster and a lot more cost effective as we can create the talent mapping and more for you.

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