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As a response to the massive change and accelerated digital demand, TWL has founded Digital Labs, a division dedicated to deliver modern solutions to support sourcing, prospecting and lead generation while not compromising the human connection.

ACSS, our first product that is mostly supporting our internal operations, the Automated Candidate Sourcing Solutions was built to increase the speed and capacity of gathering the most qualitative and extensive talent pool available in the market, by merging all available data from the best resources existing online in to one search engine.

APSS or Automated Prospect Sourcing Solutions, was also built with the same idea as ACSS, being a mirrored solution on the same infrastructure, meant to connect vendors and clients that have a common market and simultaneously seek to engage in a commercial partnership.

Lead Generation, designed for small teams that do not have the capacity or resources to grow their product. Choose to work with one, two or more of our Lead Generation Ambassadors, they will do all the hard work for you, and you will only work with interested clients, giving your more time, to focus on your product while also not having the hassle of employing, training, coaching, setting up sales strategies and most importantly at a very fraction of the that cost.

Available also for Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, and Smart Contracts niched clients, TWL has extensive experience in developing a productive and efficient sales campaign. 

For clients wishing to pay in crypto, TWL is an official partner of

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